A note from Brooke

The following was originally posted to Facebook on March 7, 2014:
Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and support – occasional back-pats and morale boosting notes. Opening this restaurant has been such a journey and I’ve been overwhelmed with the kindness of so many people and other restaurants and bars – and I’m going to name names and give thanks in a future post after we open. But I wanted to take a moment to just express my deepest amazement and wonder and thanks and awe at The City of St. Louis. Before beginning, we had heard countless stories from friends in other towns about the horrors of dealing with their various cities in getting open – corruption, apathy, high fees, long waits, just plain sadistic cruelty and hostility was the recurring theme in these tales. So, we pretty much figured the hardest part would be dealing with The City. And, wow, it couldn’t have been more surprising. To a person, without exception, our every interaction with The City – inspectors, municipal employees, faceless people on the phone – has been incredibly positive, kind, friendly, and enthusiastic. It’s not an easy process – lots of redundancy, many trips to City Hall – but it’s been made almost enjoyable by the hugs received from folks working in City Hall who say, and honestly mean, “we just want you to succeed” and the warm smiles and outrageous generosity we’ve received. We’re so surprised, so humbled, and, as usual, so grateful to live here.

Ok – that’s it. See you all soon.