AJM Construction

After construction had ground to a halt and completing the restaurant seemed impossible, a friend who was tired of hearing me complain told me to call Andrew to see if he could help.  In one evening, over whiskey and beer, Andrew met me, listened, thought for a moment or two, and said “you bet, no problem”.  And then, suddenly, within 2 weeks, we had a bar built out of 130 year old 3″ thick lumber pulled from an old warehouse, fronted with box-car siding and finished with love, skill, creativity and passion.  A few days later we had 17 tables made from the same wood, glowing and beautiful.  A few days after that, Andrew sent me a text asking if I’d thought of a sign I might want and I sort of hemmed and hawed and said “I guess so” and an hour and a half later he texted me a photo of a fantastic sign and a note saying “something like this?”  Exactly that sign hangs over the bar, and over the shelves he built in a matter of moments, visible through the windows.

My gratitude to Andrew Majewski and his company is beyond words.  Not only is everything he built beautiful to look at and touch, but every single time I have asked “so, um, do you think you could do something like that?”, the answer is always “you bet, no problem”.  And then, in an instant, it’s done and done with so much creativity and deftness as to constantly knock me off my chair.

And, even more importantly, he gives good counsel, he’s generous with back pats when back pats are desperately needed, and he’s patient beyond sense.  If you haven’t seen what he has built, come see it.  And, often, you can meet the man who built it and shake his hand while you are there.

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