Exclusive Artist Laureate in Residence

Sara Levin has been a proud Fox Park resident since 2007 when Anheuser-Busch brought her to South City.  When the layoffs came, Sara let the artist inside take the reigns.  Pursuing a masters degree in photography and graphic design at Webster University opened a new path on her journey.  2011 culminated with publishing The Last Round with Randy Couture, a look into the life of a champion fighter as he prepared for his final competition. Since, Sara has created projects like MHPD: A Portrait of Service with Maryland Heights Police Department, published photos in Kodachrome: The Last Batches, and shown at galleries in St. Louis, winning awards regularly.  
Much of Sara’s work depicts the hope and potential in beautiful dilapidation around the city. In addition to fine art photography, Sara is one of the premier mixed martial arts photographers in St. Louis, with a reputation for capturing the great moments and telling the whole story surrounding the cage. Sara achieves a personal connection with her clients, capturing their special moments through her lens.
She’s also a within-walking distance neighbor, super nice, hysterically funny, exceptionally patient, brimming with great ideas to improve our neighborhood, enthusiastic towards manual labor that includes painting bathroom doors, and generous with her time and wisdom.  You can see her beautiful bird photos on the purple wall at the back of the front dining room.
sara 1 sara 2
The Purple Martin is thrilled to have Sara as part of the family!