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Why we’re here            Two neighbors who live around the corner opened the restaurant in March, 2014 because they wanted a nearby place where they could get dinner for their family after a long day at work and meet their neighbors. They wanted it to be friendly, reasonably priced and welcoming. And here we are – a neighborhood place to relax and find something to eat or drink while enjoying the company of new friends. We try to include our neighbors – not just from Fox Park, but all over this area – as much as we can. Neighbors provide our tea, the art on the walls, the mint in our drinks, the napkins on the tables and so much more.

Why our name              Similar to folks who live in our community, Purple Martins, (the largest North American Swallow) choose to live in groups – in apartments and multi-unit dwellings.   We live in the City, amongst our neighbors, and wanted a place where we could build community and strengthen bonds of friendship and neighborliness.

Why we look this way   The front of the bar is a 1920’s boxcar found at ReFab. The bar top, table tops, shelves and sign above the bar were hand-made by Andrew Majewski, a talented, enthusiastic and patient man who found 130 year old white pine, pulled out of a demolished warehouse in North City and sitting in a garage for 70 years and turned it into something beautiful. He also built the book shelf by the kitchen. (AJM Construction is his company if you’d like to know more).

The wonderful bike racks and fencing were designed and fabricated by the L.E. Sauer Machine Company and the wonderful Warren and Diane Sauer (her amazing company is Trellis Art Designs). Warren and Diane are incredibly talented and skilled and two of the kindest and most generous folks around.

All window signs were painted by Phil Jarvis, who lives down the road a bit.

The photographs in the bathroom and on the purple wall are by Sara Levin, who lives around the corner.

The Mason jar lights were made by the owners’ kids.