Thank you for a happy opening night

So many thanks to so many people for being so incredible as we started out.  Thank you to the wonderful neighbors, folks wandering by, people moseying in and friends who came out of their way to say hello.  It was great to see you and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

And so many thanks – such deep appreciation and gratitude – to the folks who are in there every day – working so hard and so long in hopes of seeing something wonderful appear. In front, thank you to DJ for being on top of everything, Joel for being masterful and calming, Nika and Emily for being so cheerful and friendly and kind while on your feet and facing the many technical issues bravely, and Amber for being so generous and patient and optimistic.  In back, putting out wonderful food and jumping in and being creative and enthusiastic even though it is hot and sweaty, thank you so much to Jeremiah for your expertise, great recipes and hard work, and Brady for getting to know us and being so helpful, and welcome to Chase (James) Overacker, our chef – we are so grateful for your friendly spirit, experience and amazing plans and ideas.