That ever changing menu

December menu.2015

Morning all!  We’re about to embark in a new direction – a new menu – and I thought it might be a good time to talk about that and address the many variations on food that we have offered in the year and a half we’ve been open.

So, we started out with a pretty small menu focused on inexpensive but healthy Mediterranean street food inspired dishes – heavy on olive oil, lemon, garlic, tomatoes.  And some folks were happy but a lot of neighbors asked for things that had broader appeal so that they could bring their kids, their friends, their parents.  Which was great to hear – we didn’t open with the intention of focusing on any particular cuisine – we opened solely to provide something to the folks in the community – something easy, not expensive – something to meet that “I’ve worked all day and the last thing I can possibly face is cooking and cleaning and anyway, I need a glass of wine and want to mingle with my neighbors” need.  And if we could meet that need, hooray!

But in the course of the year and a half we have learned our limitations.  We found we had problems putting out food that was both consistent in quality and also timely from our tiny kitchen without a hood. Instead of increasing neighborliness, we were increasing frustration.  At the end of the day, if dinner can’t get to the table reliably delicious and within a reasonable time, then we’re not doing what we set out to do – we’re not making life easier for our neighbors.

So, starting today, we’ve updated our menu so that we can provide food that is easy – that we can deliver reliably and timely.  In addition to our daily soups and salads, to the baked brie and hummus and vegetable plates, we now will offer a list of sandwiches.  We’re offering house-cured pastrami on Reubens and Dips, Sloppy Joes, Clubs, Capreses, and various salad sandwiches.  And we’ll be offering a weekly “sandwich war” in which customer-suggested sandwiches compete to go on to the next week.  We’ve already had our first suggestion so expect to see a muffaletta sandwich in competition!  (You can make suggestions on twitter or facebook, or come in and leave a suggestion at the bar!)

As always, let us know your thoughts and how we can be more neighborly!

Best – Brooke