Why we’re here and what the neighbors have asked for

I’ve been fortunate to live in Fox Park for 14 years.  In those years I’ve met wonderful neighbors who have become beloved friends, had incredible joy, am raising two young children, and I get to live in the City of St. Louis.  Once upon a time we had a restaurant on the corner of my street called Tanner Bs, and before that it was the Shenandoah Bar & Grill.  That is where I met most of my neighbors, where I made friends, where I laughed the most over glasses of wine and bottles of beer.  We lost Tanners about 5, maybe 6, years ago and I waited and waited for something like that to return to Fox Park.  Not just for me to meet my neighbors, but for all the new people moving in to meet their neighbors.  And it didn’t happen and I’m not getting any younger and no one opened such a place and I sort of figured I guess I had to.

Since we’ve opened, we’ve had so much support from the neighbors – such good will and devotion and I’m so grateful.  And we’ve also been asked to make the menu easier – easier for busy parents who don’t want to cook after long days at work, but who have picky children and the last thing they want to add to their day’s exertions is deciphering what the kids will eat when out; easier for people who don’t want to have to decide what to eat, they just want to sit somewhere pleasant and friendly; easier for people who may be happy to try new things, but their friends don’t and having to cajole friends to try new things is not easy….

So, we listened to the neighbors and we’re rolling out a new menu incorporating what folks have requested.  Chef Chase will be offering his Southern spin on mac ‘n cheese and shrimp and grits; his slow smoked pulled pork in bourbon apricot sauce will be a recurring special, and additional family-favorites will be both on the daily menu as well as specials.

Also in response to neighbors’ requests, we’ll be opening Sunday with a limited menu and Joel manning the bar.   Please keep the comments coming – it’s how we learn and it’s how we provide what the neighbors want.